Aerial Surveys

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Unmanned Aerial systems are uniquely placed to undertake close range and low level survey work to assist a number of sectors including building maintenance, construction, architects, and farming.

The task can deliver both real time and recorded media (video and stills), the client can utilise a dedicated field monitor to enable visual inspections whilst also instructing the remote pilot. Typical tasks include:

Close range roofing and building inspections - alleviating the need for scaffolding for ad-hoc and planned inspections

Close range structural inspections - assisting surveyors and engineers inspect structures such as wind turbines, power pylons, buildings.

Site surveys - allowing architects and site surveyors the ability to visualise and subsequently inspect plots of land before, during and after construction.

Agricultural surveys - inspects fields, forests, woodland, drainage, crops and byways from the air in a cost effect manner.

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