New technical features and equipment add more flexibility to Blackwing’s operations

We have been testing with some exciting new software that takes away the need for a second camera/gimbal operator. The software can be pre-programmed to focus on a single point as you fly, follow a moving object or fly a set of waypoints whilst keeping the focus on various pre-selected stationary or moving subjects. Its very accurate and produces some great results, here are some example videos we shot:

Tracking a moving object - I had an iPhone giving out position data in my car, the software is controlling the drone (someone else externally Is monitoring drone with another controller in case of emergencies)


Focus on a stationary object,  the camera and gimbal stays focused on a stationary object with me free flying, speeded up 2x in the edit but still very stable 

Waypoint flying  - This is a rather boring example of a stepped waypoint increasing distance, height and speed away from the the object, we stopped the flight for a second when it looked like it may get a bit close to a pole

Bringing it all together - A combination of waypoint flying and focus in a creative video, the first half was all pre–programmed the night before at home, the second is free flight with fixed focal points

We have also invested in a DJI X5R Camera ( thats films up to 30fps UHD in lossless Raw format, supports ISO 25600, 16MP images, and 12.8 stops of dynamic range with a 15mm wide lens and an additional 45mm Olympus zoom lens; this kit is arriving soon, look out for new videos.

These additions and software allows us to be more creative, accurate and give clients & directors what they need from an aerial video or stills at a competitive price 

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