Aerial Photography and Videography

Until recently one has had to hire costly Helicopter or specialised camera lifting equipment to gain access to the benefits of aerial videography and photography. The development of unmanned aerial systems has democratised this environment, now a Director can visualise an aerial shot and have it brought to life in a cost effective way.  

Blackwing Aerial services can provide Unmanned Aerial Video and Photographic Platforms with high definition cameras to capture your specific requirements:

TV, Film and Advertising - removing the need for costly cranes, jibs and dolly and providing access to agile aerial platforms

Sports events - capture unique views of events from the air, get close to the action with sports such as mountain biking, motor sports, Sailing and high octane speed boats.

Architectural attractions - Present a unique view of your assets from the air whether they are Ancient Monuments, Stately Homes or Modern pieces of Architecture.

Tourist Attractions - Capture the view of your attraction from the air, bring a Heritage Railway to life and show the thrills of a funfair from the air.

Restaurants and Cafes - Exploit the world around you by placing your establishment within it, an Aerial Video helps your prospective customers visualise their experience.

Blackwing can also provide video editing, post production and special effects as a complete production service.

Take a look at out Showreel for examples of our work.

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