Testing DJI X5R at All Saints Barling

This weekend we tested the new lenses on the new camera with the drone (Stock 155mm DJI, Olympus 14/42 and Olympus 45mm). The subject is a church behind our normal practice area.

The 1st shot is a classic drone lift and reveal with an offset flight path; the others use the zoom lens with different focal lengths to get a depth of field. The effects are OK but it’s definitely work in progress

Poor light and a fair bit of stabilization needed in post production due to vibration which we fixed later

The automatic gimbal control works well when focused on the church (via google maps) but it’s clear that a good shot requires considerably more setup of the lens focal length, subject focus and exposure in the air before the actual shot/flight takes place.

Good professional aerial videography is definitely no longer ‘fly, point and shoot’