Blackwing Aerial Services appears on the BBC

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On Sunday, 17th April, 2016 a BA flight may have hit a drone on approach to London Heathrow Airport; the BBC approached Blackwing Aerial Services for comment. David Black took part in a discussion on Five Live on the Monday morning and appeared on a pre-recorded report on the main BBC News  (@ 1 min 8 seconds) with Richard Westcott, the BBC’s transport correspondent. Comments from the Five Live discussion were included in the main report on the BBC Website.

‘Drone’ hits BA plane: Police investigate Heathrow incident

David Black, from Blackwing Aerial Services - a company that specialises in licensed commercial drones - said education and enforcement of the current rules were important, particularly for hobbyists.

“I think a register is a good idea,” he said.

“With firearms it has shown it’s a good thing… but it has not stopped bad guys from getting guns. If you’re going to use them as weapons, bad guys can build them themselves.

“You need enforcement, but the problem with enforcement is that it costs money and people to carry it out…. There needs to be better technology for detection and avoidance.”